• Become an Bestselling Author: Part One

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    Hi everyone! You’ve taken the first step in becoming a Bestselling Author. Be prepared for a lot of helpful insider information and tips, you can always replay this video, but you may also want to take notes, because we’ll be covering a LOT!

    In this first video we’ll start at the beginning. We’...

  • Become an Bestselling Author: Part Two

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    It’s time to publish your book. You’ve gotten it proofed, edited, and formatted. Or maybe you haven’t. We’ll delve into the steps you need to finish your book for production and get your book up for preorder, so you can start your advertising and marketing campaigns.

    In this video we’ll discuss...

  • Become an International Bestselling Author

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    The International Bestseller rank! I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find out I could use that on every book from that moment on. I will always be an International Bestseller, and you will be too.

    So let’s talk about modifying our marketing and our demographics, Global BookBub Deals, Indiv...